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1971 Mark Turn Signal And Horn Issues

Hi Bill -

I have a question about a turn signal lever. My turn signal lever of my 1971 Mark III (tilt steering) is broken (common problem!). My car has a turn signal lever with cruise control. Now I can buy a turn signal lever with out cruise control, will this fit my car?? To be honest, I do not care if my cruise control will work anymore because I never use it anyway! But will it fit?

I also need some help with my horn (rim blow) this is not working! Can you give me some direction where I have to start looking? I hope to hear from you.




Hi Ray -

You should have no problem using a conventional turn signal lever as a replacement. Of course you then would need to make other arrangements to operate the Speed Control if you ever wanted it to operate again.

To find out if the Rim Blow insert is faulty, remove the horn pad and momentarily short the wires together. If the horn then works, the problem is probably in this insert switch. There is one available on E-bay at this time #300407403513. They are rare.

We wish you Good Luck