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1970 Mark III Heater Core Headaches....

Hi Bill -

I have been working on my 1970 Mark III and have almost removed the cover under the hood where the heater core is located. It leaks and I want to either repair or replace it. I thought I would check out the evaporator as well. The manual I have been using tells me that there are two studs on the inside of the fire wall and that when I take the nuts and washers off, the evaporator can be removed. I have removed the glove compartment container and all I can see are wires, connectors and vacuum hose. Can you give me some direction on where to look for these studs? Also, what manual would you recommend for this repair?--maybe my manual does not show or tell me enough.


Gregg in Temple City, CA


Hey Gregg -

The heater core leaks are popular but the evaporators have proven to be durable. If you would like to remove yours there are indeed two studs located under the dash as explained in the FoMoCo manuals that we sell and recommend. For your convenience we are including an attached picture from the 69 Mark III manual that shows these studs. If you require any further information or any parts etc., please don't hesitate to contact us.