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1961 Fuel Delivery Issues

Bill -

I just ordered a shop manual from you yesterday as I purchased a nice '61 Sedan in Cooper City FL and drove it to Kentucky last weekend.

After 100+ miles on the highway at about 70MPH it develops the old "flat on it's face, out of fuel" symptoms. If I feather the throttle to the next filling station and fill it up it suspiciously takes 11.3-11.5 gallons and runs fine 'til next time.

I'm thinking there may be a crack in the pickup tube in the tank about 1/2 way down and when the gas drops to that level it sucks air. Ever heard of it and does it sound reasonable to you?

Thank You,



Greetings JL -

Congratulations on your Lincoln purchase and also your purchase of the Manual. The Manual will pay for itself many times over.

After reading your post a few times and realizing that we both may have no knowledge of any previous repairs to your fuel system, an inspection of the fuel sender and pick-up tube is indeed a good place to start. At Lincoln Land we have seen these units appear in our shop with all sorts of problems such as clogged tubes, tubes bent and out of alignment, severely corroded and leaking, etc.

These units are removed from inside the trunk and are usually easy to deal with. A complete inspection of the fuel lines and hoses as well as the fuel filter could be next on your list. If you do not uncover any problems with the any of the above items, contact us again for further suggestions. Good luck on a speedy repair.