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Another Satisfied Customer.....

We recently saw a Post on the LCOC (Lincoln Continental Owner's Club) from another satisfied customer here at Lincoln Land, it's always nice when someone stops and takes the time to acknowledge our efforts to keep all these classic Lincolns on the road - so we thought we'd share....


I know exactly where you're coming from, having had a lot of frustrations with power steering pumps myself. Don't want to go through all that right now, but I finally got smart (and shelled out some bucks) and had Lincoln Land rebuild my pump.

I'm very happy with it, it has no leaks, groans or other problems. It's as good as new and will last forever with how much (or how little) I drive. Long story short, I wouldn't even think of doing anything else right now.

You may find out the same thing once you installed yours, after a while, you just forget about it. The key is to have a specialist like Lincoln Land do the work. From my experience, anything else is a waste of money (learned that the very hard way).

Regards, Dirk