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1978 Mark V Questions

Hi Bill -

I have a 78' Continental Mark V Bill Blass Edition with the 400ci Engine.

1) Is this engine a "Cleveland V8" similar but bigger ci to 351 Ford V8's of the 70's?

2) Does it take the same oil filter cartridge as other Fords.(In Australia we call this "Z9")

3) I can't find the oil pressure sender switch, where is it located??

Gold Coast, Qld.Australia.


Hi Chris -

Congrats on your Bill Blass...... nice car.

The 400 engine in that car is usually associated with the 351 M engine as discussed in the shop manual. We don't compare it with the Cleveland style engine. Specialty engine shops may have more explicit info. available for you in that regard.

The oil pressure switch should be located to the rear of the carburetor, on top of the engine - and slightly to the right (White with Red Stripe single wire female connector).

The oil filter is the same as the other engines of that era and that would be the popular Motorcraft Part Number FL1 style. We only use this quality Ford brand at Lincoln Land. This filter type is also available from many other suppliers under other brand names and qualities.

If you need any other information, etc., please don't hesitate to contact us and in the meantime enjoy your Mark.