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1976 Continental Coupe Rear Window Water Intrusion

Hi Bill -

I have a 1976 Continental Coupe with a Half Vinyl Roof. I have a problem with water collecting under the vinyl at the bottom of the rear window.



Greetings Wayne -

Water leaks in general can be annoying to car owners as well as damaging to the car. It also seems that no two are exactly alike.

If your car has the bright metal moldings that meet the glass they should be removed completely using the proper tools and methods. This will allow you or your body man to examine the areas under the moldings in order to determine the path of the water as it would drain off of the car. If there are any areas that look like they would allow water to intrude between the body and the vinyl, these areas should be cleaned and caulked as necessary with the appropriate window sealer. The moldings can then be reinstalled before the sealer completely sets.

If your car has no moldings that meet the glass but has the vinyl treatment that is instead wrapped into itself then you should look for breaches in the clear silicone sealer around the entire glass. These would then need to be caulked as necessary.

If your vinyl roof is surface cracked in any area or if there is any problem with the seal at the front of the 1/2 top finish area, these should be considered as well. You can see from the above suggestions that a successful repair is a real "hands on" experience and depends on proper examination and diagnosis. We hope that the above will be helpful to you and or your mechanic.