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Town Car Electrical Issues After Improper Jump Start

Hi Bill -

My Lincoln Town Car has a problem ever since my oldest daughter crossed the jumper cables after killing the battery by leaving the lights on the car. Ever since she did that, everything seems to be going crazy on the car. For instance, the Air ride Suspension lights on, more codes got added from the original code to open the driver door, etc., etc. I have tried locating the main computer but have not been able to because I don't know where it is. I found some box behind the glove box thinking that this was it. I went ahead and got one and switched it but that didn't work. Also I replaced all fuses inside the car and under the hood that burnt out after she accidently crossed the cables. What do you think it could be? Can you tell me where the main computer is? Thanks in advance.

David G


Hi David -

Sorry to hear that this dreaded sequence has happened to you. This can happen to some cars and yet not to others and if these problems occurred immediately after the dead battery issue I have to agree with you that it has indeed been caused by the procedure that was used to start the car.

You don't indicate what year your Lincoln is and so I will offer you the following. Because the electrical is sophisticated and several electronic items or modules could be damaged, you should have a knowledgeable technician try to retrieve some trouble codes with the appropriate equipment that is designed for this purpose. You then can respond by dealing with the codes that are rendered to you. If no codes can be shown then substituting "good known" computers or modules etc. as you have indicated in your letter can certainly be an option.

To do the above procedures and to locate certain parts on your car a correct Lincoln Shop Manual is very highly recommended. If necessary and depending on your year and model of Lincoln, we have access to the appropriate manual and parts that you may require. Keep us posted on the outcome.