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Silly Rabbit, 65 Converts Aren't For Kids.....

Bill -

I have a problem with my toy. Kids were messing with roof. Smoke started billowing out of passenger side of trunk. Now the trunk motor is not engaging.

I do not know anything about the roof. It appears as if one motor initiates process. The trunk moves up about 2." At that point it seems like a main motor is suppose to kick in. Currently, the trunk moves up initial 2" but main motor is not engaging. Sounds like the main motor is functioning, but the screw (I think it's a screw) is not engaging. Not sure I have the sequence right but that's what it seems like. So, my questions are:

1. How do I get that trunk open manually?
2. Do you have any idea what is broken?
3. Is the part replaceable?

Please let me know.




Hi Paul -

Yikes!..... Kids messing with roof, smoke billowing out....That is a 4 Door Lincoln Convertible owners worst nightmare!

The top system on these cars is a very complex mechanism. The good news is that these cars are very collectable and well respected in the old car hobby. As a result we do have all of the repair parts in stock or quick access to the hard to get items.

My best advice to you if you wish to do your own repairs is to obtain the proper manuals and wiring diagrams (we can supply these to you) and then to familiarize yourself with the operation. Then you can decide if this challenge is for you. If you decide to have someone else do the repair, you will have these necessary manuals available for them to use. It is possible that the repair is an easy one but "Could" be made worse if the wrong person is working on it. We certainly wish you the best of luck and an easy fix. If you wish us to supply the manuals etc. please ask for George when you contact us.