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1983 Mark VI Headlight Issues

Bill -

My 83 Mark VI Pucci Coupe that my dad purchased brand new has a headlight issue. The headlights have a mind of their own. The low beams only work when the high beams are on and they flash intermittently whenever they want to. I had a new switch installed problem still exist. I unhooked the Auto lamp from the switch and they no longer flash but the low beams still only work when the high beams are selected. I think there was a recall on the relays back in the day, but have no idea where they are. Any help is appreciated. Don't know where to start.




Hi Rodney -

Ya gotta have the lights working properly. The first thing to check is if the Low beam filaments are burnt out in BOTH your low beam (outboard) sealed beams. It can happen. Also, if you have installed newer beams that draw more amps than the original, the H/L breaker could flash the Headlamps. I trust that you installed a New correct H/L switch. Another possibility to consider is if this problem started after a repair of some sort was performed on your car near any of the H/L wiring. The Autolamp system uses relays in the control module but I believe that the manual operation does not. If you have no success with the above suggestions, it will be time to make the tests with the appropriate testers with the shop manual and electrical diagrams at your side. We hope this information leads you to a speedy fix. Keep us posted.