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1969 Mark III Prospective Buyer Head Lamp Door Concerns

Hello Bill -

I have a question about the headlight covers on a 1969 Mark III.

I want to buy a 1969 Mark III and the car is in top condition. Everything is working well (say's the owner), except the headlight covers, they are open and stay open!

Can you tell me what could be wrong? Or let I say it in a different way are these headlight covers a problem... BIG!! Problems?, or is it normally quit easy to repair ??? Just let me know what you think about it. When I buy the car I also get the shop manuals with it. So I can work from the manuals, if all the parts needed are available of course??? I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

The Netherlands


Hello Ray -

It is good news that you will receive the manuals with the car. If they are the FoMoCo manuals you will find them very useful.

Headlight cover problems are a common complaint but only become a "Big" problem if the wrong technician is repairing it. With all cars, proper diagnosis is everything or at least half the battle. There are several posts on this blog that you can read that apply directly to your Mark III. When you read any parts of the blog that discuss the Autolamp feature you can disregard that part because the 69's did not have that feature.

We usually have all of the parts available for the Vacuum Headlamp cover problems and we can give you further advice as you diagnose the system. Another point is that you can have several problems (mostly vacuum leaks) that should be repaired. I would want to know also before the purchase if any of the non-operating Headlamp cover parts have been removed. It does happen.

If you do purchase the car we wish you congratulations in advance and we would certainly be pleased to look after your Lincoln needs in the future.