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December 22, 2009

A World Of Information Is Only A Click Away....

Greetings Lincoln Lovers -

For the last several years George R. Miller, our resident computer "Go to Guy" and Webmaster has been constructing a great parts information site for you. When parts are needed you are now able to find and see most of the parts that you need and be able to advise us exactly what you need to order. This translates to less mistakes and disappointments.

The site also contains a wealth of information regarding your Lincoln that you may have thought about and wanted to know such as options, specs and other hard to find tidbits. If you haven't browsed this site as yet, give it a try.... And be sure to check back often as the site is updated daily.


All of the Guys and Gals at Lincoln Land

December 21, 2009

Still Looking For The Right Mark....

Hi Bill

First things first ! I went to have a look at the Lincoln 1669 ( whit the broken head light covers, see my last question ) And this car was outside in a very good shape but inside was a different ball game ! No this car hat to much work for the money he was asking . So now I am starting to look for a other one and I know one this is a black one and here the outside is in a reasonable condition and the inside is new ! I say the outside is reasonable because the car has some rust spots on the B styles next to the rear side window, (outside off that the car is new spray painted ) . But this is something I can fix my self . But I want to ask you something about a vinyl roof ! and that is , is it possible to but a vinyl roof on a car ( 69 Lincoln ) who did not hat one when he left the dealer in 69 ?? ( cover up the rust spots! ) and if it is possible?? than I am looking for piece of molding strip and that is the one that is in between de rear window and the trunk and this one is going from left to right over the car and a little bit on the sides . This one is a part of the vinyl roof moldings ( see picture ) I hope you have some answers for me about this little ( big ? ) problem .

Ray in the Netherlands


Hi Ray -

The parts to install a vinyl roof on the 69 Mark III are available but not abundantly available. We would need some appropriate lead time in order to supply the correct parts. You should know however that a 69 Mark III without the optional vinyl roof is a very rare (95 only built) and sought after item in the collectable Lincoln hobby. We have one pictured in our photo gallery section in dark blue. This car happens to be owned by myself since around 1983. Chris also has one in black that has been in his family for many years. You could consider restoring the top on yours the way it is and driving it for a while. After a period of time if you still want to, you could still install a vinyl top and moldings at that time. You should know however that some owners removed their vinyl tops because of severe deterioration that detracted from the great looking cars that they are. I am sure that whatever you carefully decide to do you will in the end have a Mark to be proud of.



The link to our photo galleries are




December 16, 2009

1969 Mark III Prospective Buyer Head Lamp Door Concerns

Hello Bill -

I have a question about the headlight covers on a 1969 Mark III.

I want to buy a 1969 Mark III and the car is in top condition. Everything is working well (say's the owner), except the headlight covers, they are open and stay open!

Can you tell me what could be wrong? Or let I say it in a different way are these headlight covers a problem... BIG!! Problems?, or is it normally quit easy to repair ??? Just let me know what you think about it. When I buy the car I also get the shop manuals with it. So I can work from the manuals, if all the parts needed are available of course??? I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

The Netherlands


Hello Ray -

It is good news that you will receive the manuals with the car. If they are the FoMoCo manuals you will find them very useful.

Headlight cover problems are a common complaint but only become a "Big" problem if the wrong technician is repairing it. With all cars, proper diagnosis is everything or at least half the battle. There are several posts on this blog that you can read that apply directly to your Mark III. When you read any parts of the blog that discuss the Autolamp feature you can disregard that part because the 69's did not have that feature.

We usually have all of the parts available for the Vacuum Headlamp cover problems and we can give you further advice as you diagnose the system. Another point is that you can have several problems (mostly vacuum leaks) that should be repaired. I would want to know also before the purchase if any of the non-operating Headlamp cover parts have been removed. It does happen.

If you do purchase the car we wish you congratulations in advance and we would certainly be pleased to look after your Lincoln needs in the future.



1986 Town Car Courtesy Light

Hi Bill-

The passenger door courtesy light fixture on my 86 Town Car will not function properly, even with a new bulb. While cleaning the interior the other day with doors open, I noticed the bulb was flickering, so I removed the lens and checked it. The bulb looked fine, but just in case, I tried another, and it did the same thing. For now, I just have removed the bulb.

The same thing happened on my 88 Town Car a few years back, but in that case the bulb had exploded in the fixture, I never did replace that bulb either. The rest of the lights are working as they should.

Have you run into this problem on other 80's Town Cars, possibly a manufacturer's defect? Do you think a completely new fixture in the door is needed? Any help would be appreciated-thanks very much and I really enjoy this addition to the website!



Greetings Michael -

We are pleased that you are enjoying our new technical blog. The courtesy light is really a simple circuit that sends power through the bulb and then to ground inside the door. One of the most common problems in situations such as this is a fatigued and broken wire in the door jamb loom (wiring harness). This is the wiring near the door hinges that connects the electrics inside the door to the body. The loom can be seen with the door open. I would open the door and observe your problem light while wiggling the wiring loom. If the bulb flickers in response to the wiggling, the broken wire inside the loom needs to be located and repaired as necessary. If there is no response to the wiggling then the circuit should be examined and traced for continuity starting at the courtesy light assembly in the door. A new assy. is needed only if it is proven to be faulty and not repairable. In the event that you do require any parts, we have these and any further advice that you may need.

Wishing you a speedy repair -


December 15, 2009

Silly Rabbit, 65 Converts Aren't For Kids.....

Bill -

I have a problem with my toy. Kids were messing with roof. Smoke started billowing out of passenger side of trunk. Now the trunk motor is not engaging.

I do not know anything about the roof. It appears as if one motor initiates process. The trunk moves up about 2." At that point it seems like a main motor is suppose to kick in. Currently, the trunk moves up initial 2" but main motor is not engaging. Sounds like the main motor is functioning, but the screw (I think it's a screw) is not engaging. Not sure I have the sequence right but that's what it seems like. So, my questions are:

1. How do I get that trunk open manually?
2. Do you have any idea what is broken?
3. Is the part replaceable?

Please let me know.




Hi Paul -

Yikes!..... Kids messing with roof, smoke billowing out....That is a 4 Door Lincoln Convertible owners worst nightmare!

The top system on these cars is a very complex mechanism. The good news is that these cars are very collectable and well respected in the old car hobby. As a result we do have all of the repair parts in stock or quick access to the hard to get items.

My best advice to you if you wish to do your own repairs is to obtain the proper manuals and wiring diagrams (we can supply these to you) and then to familiarize yourself with the operation. Then you can decide if this challenge is for you. If you decide to have someone else do the repair, you will have these necessary manuals available for them to use. It is possible that the repair is an easy one but "Could" be made worse if the wrong person is working on it. We certainly wish you the best of luck and an easy fix. If you wish us to supply the manuals etc. please ask for George when you contact us.



December 14, 2009

1983 Mark VI Headlight Issues

Bill -

My 83 Mark VI Pucci Coupe that my dad purchased brand new has a headlight issue. The headlights have a mind of their own. The low beams only work when the high beams are on and they flash intermittently whenever they want to. I had a new switch installed problem still exist. I unhooked the Auto lamp from the switch and they no longer flash but the low beams still only work when the high beams are selected. I think there was a recall on the relays back in the day, but have no idea where they are. Any help is appreciated. Don't know where to start.




Hi Rodney -

Ya gotta have the lights working properly. The first thing to check is if the Low beam filaments are burnt out in BOTH your low beam (outboard) sealed beams. It can happen. Also, if you have installed newer beams that draw more amps than the original, the H/L breaker could flash the Headlamps. I trust that you installed a New correct H/L switch. Another possibility to consider is if this problem started after a repair of some sort was performed on your car near any of the H/L wiring. The Autolamp system uses relays in the control module but I believe that the manual operation does not. If you have no success with the above suggestions, it will be time to make the tests with the appropriate testers with the shop manual and electrical diagrams at your side. We hope this information leads you to a speedy fix. Keep us posted.



December 8, 2009

78 Mark Door Ajar Light, Power Door Lock Issues

Hi Bill,

Once again I could use some advice on my Lincoln. You've helped me in the past and I trust your opinion.

The Door Ajar light is stuck on and the driver's side door doesn't lock either with the key or the power lock control. The power lock control does however work on the passenger side. I'm curious if the problems are related and if you think I have a bad switch on that side or the power lock component doesn't work for the driver's side. Also is this a part I should by new or used if that is the case.



Hi Justin -

To answer your Shop Manual question first, yes we can arrange to send to your address a set of 1978 manuals hot off the press. Another benefit of the manuals is that if you ever sell your car and the manuals are included in the sale, they become a selling feature to the buyer. George will e-mail you with the details.

As for your power door lock problem, your description sounds like the Door Lock Actuator has gone south and is now seized. If so the key will not operate the lock and the door lock switch will only operate the right side as you describe. The Door Open warning switch is also located within this lock assembly as well and it can be inspected for damage at the same time that the actuator is replaced. The above conjecture is based on our experience. The good news Justin is that we have new Actuators available whenever you have finally diagnosed your problem. Let us know the results and feel free to contact us for further information.

Wishing you Good Luck,

Bill and the Lincoln Land Staff

December 4, 2009

Town Car Electrical Issues After Improper Jump Start

Hi Bill -

My Lincoln Town Car has a problem ever since my oldest daughter crossed the jumper cables after killing the battery by leaving the lights on the car. Ever since she did that, everything seems to be going crazy on the car. For instance, the Air ride Suspension lights on, more codes got added from the original code to open the driver door, etc., etc. I have tried locating the main computer but have not been able to because I don't know where it is. I found some box behind the glove box thinking that this was it. I went ahead and got one and switched it but that didn't work. Also I replaced all fuses inside the car and under the hood that burnt out after she accidently crossed the cables. What do you think it could be? Can you tell me where the main computer is? Thanks in advance.

David G


Hi David -

Sorry to hear that this dreaded sequence has happened to you. This can happen to some cars and yet not to others and if these problems occurred immediately after the dead battery issue I have to agree with you that it has indeed been caused by the procedure that was used to start the car.

You don't indicate what year your Lincoln is and so I will offer you the following. Because the electrical is sophisticated and several electronic items or modules could be damaged, you should have a knowledgeable technician try to retrieve some trouble codes with the appropriate equipment that is designed for this purpose. You then can respond by dealing with the codes that are rendered to you. If no codes can be shown then substituting "good known" computers or modules etc. as you have indicated in your letter can certainly be an option.

To do the above procedures and to locate certain parts on your car a correct Lincoln Shop Manual is very highly recommended. If necessary and depending on your year and model of Lincoln, we have access to the appropriate manual and parts that you may require. Keep us posted on the outcome.



78 Mark Heating Issues

Hello Bill,

I have a 1978 Mark V, and have a problem with the heating system. At first, the system was always heating, regardless of the position of the control knobs (Heating, defrost, temperature knob, fan speed knob). In summer, this was not great...

My mechanics, not very skilled in American electrical systems, just changed a Water valve (located in the engine, just near the air cleaner). After this change, I could close the heating, and I had vents, but I could not have heat! So, in winter time, this is also very great.

So I have two questions :
1 - Is there a simple thing to do with my new Water valve to get hot air ? (It seems to be controlled by a pneumatic wire)

2 - With your experience, do you know if there is a typical disease of the heating system? Should I change the two temperature sensors (inside and outside)? Are there parts of the system that should be automatically changed?

Thanks in advance




Grégoire -

Thanks for your recent inquiry. Your problem is not uncommon to us at Lincoln Land, but in 2009 it certainly is not very common at most AC shops even in North America. In France you are served with more than a triple whammy in this case.

First of all your new water valve may or may not be the correct one for the vehicle and there are several parts failures or combination of failures that can cause your ATC problems. Replacing suspected parts without proving a problem with them is not the way to go and is a costly and time consuming procedure at best. A reasonable knowledge of the system is a definite requirement for anyone attempting a repair. Anything else is pure guess work. The best course for you is to have a set of proper FoMoCo manuals available for your mechanic so that he can see how the system operates and where and how the parts are installed. We have manuals and most of the parts available if and when you may need them.

If you still would like to "try" some popular parts because of your situation and location we would be happy to accommodate you and send to your address the replacements for the "top three" most replaced parts for this condition. Please advise how we may assist you further in this matter.