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78 Mark Keeps Breaking Alternator Belts

Greetings Bill,

I have a simple but odd problem which I'm wondering if you've run into.

I've gone through three alternator belts in the last month. I drive the car for about two weeks then I start getting a squeal. By then it's too late and I break yet another belt. I'm following all the necessary precautions and putting the belt on correctly. I make sure there is ¼ inch give on the belt so it's plenty tight and it doesn't seem to loosen over time. I'm wondering if maybe I have some cheap after market alternator that is creating the problem or something else. Have you ever heard of such an issue? I've worked on plenty of vehicles and I know that I'm putting the belt on correctly so I figured this might be a Ford thing??




Justin -

That sure sounds like a real fun time. Assuming that you are using a good quality automotive belt and not an F.H.P. (Fractional Horsepower Belt) and you have already checked the pulley alignment and any other obstructions etc. I would do the following. After driving the car for 10-20 miles with another new belt I would remove it and spin all of the pulleys by hand that this belt operates on. You will be checking for seizing bearing components during this test. Also very important is to NOT over tighten any belt. Let us know the results.