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1970 Mark Wiper Issues

Bill -

I have just purchased a 1970 Mark III Lincoln Continental and the hydraulic wipers only go halfway then stop.

Are there any tricks I should know? Are there any recommended operating pressures out of the pump that I could check etc.?




Hi Mark -

That wiper system is an excellent system. It is silent and powerful but can be a pain when they fail. Because you have recently purchased your Mark and have no history on the wipers I think that you should check the cable adjustment first. This easy adjustment is located behind the access panel at the firewall hydraulic inlet and outlet. Removing the screws and sliding the panel down the lines (no need to undo the hydraulics) should reveal the cable adjustment. Adjust it so that the cable is moving the operating lever to its extreme speed position when the control on the dash is turned to high. There certainly can be other problems but this is a good, easy and inexpensive place to start. Please let us know how it works out or contact us for further information.

Wishing you good luck.....