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1963 With No Defrost

Hello Bill,

I just purchased a 1963 continental. When I go to engage the defrosting vent I get no air coming through the front windshield vents. The heater works fine...vents to the floor and the center vents. Any idea why this is not working? Any ideas would help!




Hi Robert -

The first item that we would inspect is the ducting to the defrost outlets. If all of that is intact then the vacuum circuit for the heat/ac needs to be checked for cracked or missing hoses etc. and for correct operation of the vacuum control switch. All vacuum parts have given us problems in the past and we usually do not proceed without the shop manual at our side. The shop manual in this case outlines the necessary vacuum flows for your 63. We very highly recommend that you have this manual in your possession. Even if you don't do your own repairs, your mechanic will be happy to have it available and you will probably recover the cost of the manual on the first repair in time and labor. We have these manuals available and ready to ship at the moment. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further advice.


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