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1982 Town Car Maintenance Questions

Hi Bill,

I have an 82 Lincoln Town Car with a 302, 5.0, CFI engine. I just want to know where the choke pull off is located so I can change it. Had it diagnosed, and along with the EGR valve, this was also a problem. I have the new EGR valve, but don't want to install it untill I can replace the choke pull off. Would you be able to help me out? Haynes Maintenance Manual doesn't tell me too much.

Robert -


Hello Robert -

The Ford manual for your Lincoln is very good at discussing the choke pull-off. It should be located behind the choke coil on the rt. side of the carb and is vacuum operated. It will have a single vacuum line attached to it and may be described in some manuals by a slightly different name that also refers to the choke. Both of those parts that you are replacing are popular and will contrbute to a poorly performing engine when they fail. If we can help you with any of these parts or if you would like to have a copy of the correct Manuals for your Town Car, don"t hesitate to contact us at any time. Many Lincoln owners tell us that the manuals pay for themselves during the first repair. Good luck to you on a speedy repair.