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September 17, 2009

1968 Continental Possible Issues With Modification

Hi Bill,

I have a question about my 1968 Lincoln Continental, 462 engine, suicide doors. It now has a Edelbrock 750 on it and shifts late, the rpms are too high when it shifts. I have to hit 50 before it will hit third & then it downshifts itself when I let off the gas. It has 2 rods going from the carb to the trans linkage, could this be the problem? Also, do you know what the timing on that engine should be? Maybe a vacuum issue? Thanks for all your help, looking forward to getting some new parts for my car.



Hi Jim -

If you are doing your own repairs on your Lincoln you will find that having the proper manuals are a real big help. If you are doing your own repairs plus any type of modification as well such as a carburetor change of some sort then the manuals are a "must have". The initial timing spec. for that engine should be approximately 10 degrees.

The transmission shifting problem must be annoying for you. From your description and the fact that a non original carb. has been installed leads me to believe that the carb. linkage must be fouled up somehow. The big question is .....Did the transmission shift properly before the carb. modification? The transmission should have only one adjustable rod (kickdown rod) going to it from the carb. linkage as well as one vacuum line routed to the shift modulator located at the rt. rear of the transmission. Both of these items must be in place and in proper working order and adjustment for the transmission to work properly. The carb. linkage on these eras of Lincolns is unique and must be maintained to satisfy the transmission requirements. Again I stress that a correct manual will help you immensely. For a 68 you will need the 67 manual and the 68 supplement manual. We usually have these and many other popular parts on hand at all times. We hope that all you will need is proper adjustment and that you will soon have that 68 shifting as a Lincoln should.

Sincerely -


September 14, 2009

1982 Town Car Maintenance Questions

Hi Bill,

I have an 82 Lincoln Town Car with a 302, 5.0, CFI engine. I just want to know where the choke pull off is located so I can change it. Had it diagnosed, and along with the EGR valve, this was also a problem. I have the new EGR valve, but don't want to install it untill I can replace the choke pull off. Would you be able to help me out? Haynes Maintenance Manual doesn't tell me too much.

Robert -


Hello Robert -

The Ford manual for your Lincoln is very good at discussing the choke pull-off. It should be located behind the choke coil on the rt. side of the carb and is vacuum operated. It will have a single vacuum line attached to it and may be described in some manuals by a slightly different name that also refers to the choke. Both of those parts that you are replacing are popular and will contrbute to a poorly performing engine when they fail. If we can help you with any of these parts or if you would like to have a copy of the correct Manuals for your Town Car, don"t hesitate to contact us at any time. Many Lincoln owners tell us that the manuals pay for themselves during the first repair. Good luck to you on a speedy repair.



September 9, 2009

Retrofitting The Old Station Wagon

Dear Uncle Bill,

I am in the middle of purchasing a 1967 Country Squire wagon and am
interested in knowing how hard it would be to retro-fit it with a
tilt-away wheel. It is my understanding that this feature was
available in 1967, 68 and 69, and that the way it worked (hardware) was
different on all 3 years. Whaddaya think?

Also, I have noted that some 1967 Ford wagons have vents on the door
panels and some do not - I am aware that Ford introduce a flow thru
ventilation that year, and the ones with the vents had little black
flaps on the door jamb below the latching mechanism. Do you know
anything about this?? Why some do and some don't have the vents??

See you soon,



Carter -

I have no "for sure" knowledge on the tilt or tilt away steering wheel retro-fit but I would suppose if you had a donor from the same year and car it can be done. You would need to change ALL of the necessary parts of course. Keep in mind that the collapsible steering columns appeared in 68 and therefore I would think only a 67 would be at all possible.

As for the flo-thru vent system, I would surmise that it was installed on FoMoCo's High End cars only such as all Lincolns and T-Birds, Mercury Marquis, Ford LTDs and Squire wagons etc. but not on any base models. Take care Carter.

See you in Florida....


2001 Continental Low Tire Pressure Light & Air Bag Light

I own a 2001 Lincoln Continental and the low tire pressure sensor light is on. I took the car to the dealer and bought four new tires and had them check the sensors in the rims but they said they are all working properly and can't find the problem . I also have the airbag light on and they said (the dealer) it was a wiring harness problem under the drivers seat.they replaced the harness and the problem persists again the dealer can't find the problem do you have any suggestions.



Dear Teamrider 17 -

These are touchy questions especially the airbag. Both problems are reasonably uncommon enough to say that they are a hands on diagnosis procedure with proper code reading equipment as per the Manual. A FORD dealer should be well equipped for this and I can only suggest that you shop for a different dealer in your location for a second opinion. Both of those problems could be caused by any one of several failed parts and because of these being uncommon repairs at Lincoln Land, we would need to have the car in our shop to be anywhere near accurate. Sorry we can't be of more help without the vehicle....