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1997 Town Car Suspension Issue

I have a 1997 Lincoln Town Car that I love. Recently the rear of car has dropped significantly. What is causing this?





Your Lincoln was equipped with air ride in the rear suspension when new. Yours probably has the original system and now needs service at this time. The rear air springs cannot last forever and do in time develop leaks. If they are not replaced in a short time after starting to leak, the air compressor will most definitely fail as well because of "overworking" to compensate for the leaking air springs.

The above are two of the most common failures but there is also the possibility of the suspension computer failing or even something small like an underhood relay,fuse or a sensor link at the rear axle becoming disconnected etc. When you take it for service, be sure to find out if that shop is experienced with diagnosis and repair of this suspension. This suspension is extremely reliable in most cases and will provide many years of service. If however you wish to convert to conventional coil springs, kits are readily available for such a conversion. Lincoln Land has such kits available as well as NEW high quality air suspension parts in stock to return your suspension back to new condition. Please contact us anytime at Lincoln Land for any further information that you may need.

Good luck!