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1965 Running Issues

Hello Bill

I have A 1965 Lincoln Continental and the idle seems a little low, but before I start adjusting it I hope you could answer a question.

I bought the car in Colorado and I live in Chicago. I saw a show on TV where a car was transported to Colorado and it would not start very easy or stay on for that matter. On the show they figured out the carb needed to be rejetted because of the altitude, I was wondering if I need to rejet the carb for the altitude change in Chicago?

Also what grade gas should I be using? The last time I filled it up I used premium gas, I just tried to start it up yesterday and it was hard to start, and if I let off the gas it would die out. Wondering if the gas had anything to do with it ?

Thanks your for time -

Art from Chicago


Greetings Art -

Before considering changing any calibrations on the engine or carburetor I would first make sure that what I have now is in top shape. I am refering to spark plugs,wiring, points and condenser, vacuum advance, choke operation,timing and fuel filter etc. Another item to consider is that with age the damper on the crankshaft pulleys are known to slip and give a false timing reading. If the car is new to you and you do not know its history, it may also at sometime had some old gas in the tank etc. and messed up the carb. Most of the above is normal necessary "Old Car Care stuff" that you are probably allready aware of. Your 65 was designed to take full advantage of Premium fuel only. Getting back to your question on jets,if you can find and send to us the carburetor tag# and the info. from the tag on the driver's door we may be able to tell you the size jets that the carb. had when new and also possibly what area of the country that the car was delivered to from FoMoCo. when it was new. I certainly hope that the above helps you and please keep us posted if you need any other advice or any of our other services.


Bill and the Lincoln Land Guys and Gals