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May 22, 2009

65 Oil Blow By

Hey Bill,

Great Blog!

I have a 430 that's been totally rebuilt from the ground up by I am still experiencing Blow by, i.e., oil stains on the interior hood.

I thought after such a major overhaul, I'd be OK? What are your thoughts?

Also, Post rebuild, my automatic door locks no longer function? Thoughts?

Thanks a bunch,



Hi Jake -

Sorry to hear that you are having such problems after a complete rebuild. You don't indicate whether you did the rebuild yourself or if it was done by a professional machine shop. If it was a shop I would certainly review the situation with them and get some assurance from them that they will look after you should the situation turn into needing to reopen the engine etc. Having said that, the good news is that the FORD shop manual describes in detail the workings and repairs of the sealed Positive Crankcase Ventilation system. It also advises that this system was mandatory in some states. Whether or not your engine has this system or not the ventilation set up on yours should be examined and corrected if necessary. Any type of emmission system must be in a correct operating condition in order for the engine to "breath" properly. Only then and after a decent "run in" time should you consider that the rings may not be performing as designed. I sincerely hope that you can get this resolved with an easy fix. If you do not have a copy of the 65 Factory Shop Manual, we would be pleased to arrange for one to be sent to your address. They are a must for maintaining any of our older Lincolns.

As for the power door locks, you indicate that they did not operate immediately after the engine overhaul. For this reason I would think that a vacuum line for that system was left off or misinstalled etc.under the hood . That vacuum system is also shown nicely in the shop manual. We hope that the above will help and we wish you good luck.



May 20, 2009

1965 Running Issues

Hello Bill

I have A 1965 Lincoln Continental and the idle seems a little low, but before I start adjusting it I hope you could answer a question.

I bought the car in Colorado and I live in Chicago. I saw a show on TV where a car was transported to Colorado and it would not start very easy or stay on for that matter. On the show they figured out the carb needed to be rejetted because of the altitude, I was wondering if I need to rejet the carb for the altitude change in Chicago?

Also what grade gas should I be using? The last time I filled it up I used premium gas, I just tried to start it up yesterday and it was hard to start, and if I let off the gas it would die out. Wondering if the gas had anything to do with it ?

Thanks your for time -

Art from Chicago


Greetings Art -

Before considering changing any calibrations on the engine or carburetor I would first make sure that what I have now is in top shape. I am refering to spark plugs,wiring, points and condenser, vacuum advance, choke operation,timing and fuel filter etc. Another item to consider is that with age the damper on the crankshaft pulleys are known to slip and give a false timing reading. If the car is new to you and you do not know its history, it may also at sometime had some old gas in the tank etc. and messed up the carb. Most of the above is normal necessary "Old Car Care stuff" that you are probably allready aware of. Your 65 was designed to take full advantage of Premium fuel only. Getting back to your question on jets,if you can find and send to us the carburetor tag# and the info. from the tag on the driver's door we may be able to tell you the size jets that the carb. had when new and also possibly what area of the country that the car was delivered to from FoMoCo. when it was new. I certainly hope that the above helps you and please keep us posted if you need any other advice or any of our other services.


Bill and the Lincoln Land Guys and Gals

May 13, 2009

Update on the 1979 Mark V Garage Door Opener Question

Lincoln owner Brian has stepped forward and made his successfull GDO experiences available to us in regard to this 30 year old Lincoln factory option on his car. We are posting it on the blog in its entirety with hopes that it may be helpfull to John and others who wish to have this option operating on their Lincoln. Please be advised however that we here at Lincoln Land of course have no method to verify or guarantee its success. Brian,we certainly thank you for being kind enough to offer this information to your fellow Lincoln enthusiasts. Also at this time Chris reminds me that we have a number of GDO parts available for any Lincolns with that option. Thanks Gentlemen.




Hey Bill,

NEVER ASSUME: "30 years later, any of this knowledge is no longer available!" Image Blocked

In reference to the question posed about the GDO on the 79 Collector's Series: Yes, this was a dealer prepped option...Behind the visor (right side) there is a small device with dip switches. The switch configuration was noted on a sticker that came on the original Driver's Vanity mirror. This was then matched with the dip switches IN the Wall Receiving Unit that came from the dealer.


Match the ON/OFF configuration to BOTH Visor and Wall Unit.

If you can provide your client with the original Lincoln Wall Unit that came from the dealer, he can open up the visor behind the mirror and set the switches himself to match the receiving unit or change it to anything he prefers as long as they BOTH match. He can then wire the Wall Receiving Unit to his existing GDO. This would allow him to use his original GDO button AND the Lincoln unit. If you have a complete NOS unit, the instructions are in the box. If not, I can provide your client with a copy or explain it to him in greater detail if you wish.

Originally this was intended as a wall unit that took the place of the GDO button usually found next to your entry door, however I wired mine so that the Lincoln unit was wired directly to the opener, leaving my existing wiring untouched. It is VERY simple. Just make sure that the original antenna is connected to the Lincoln unit. With the Wall Unit placed on the ceiling and closer to the front of the garage, this will also help give a better range for opening.

NOTE: I secured the plug to the outlet plate with a HEAVY DUTY zip strap because of the weight,
It will fall otherwise.

The WHITE wires are attached to the opener from the Lincoln Wall Unit. The BEIGE wires are from original garage door. My opener is a 2000 Lift Master.

ONE IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Most, if not all New GDO's have a rolling security code system that automatically changes the codes every time the button is pushed. The old Lincoln unit does not have that feature. The downside: loss of security because of the single code used. The possible upside: no one would ever expect that a unit so old would still be active.

Hope this is helpful. HAVE A GREAT DAY!


1997 Town Car Headlight Switch Indicator Light

Dear Bill:

I have been a big fan of Lincoln Land for a long time and just now became aware of your blog.

I have a 1997 Town Car with 58,000 miles. My question is about the headlight switch. There appears to be a small indicator light next to the control knob. If this is indeed a light, is it suppose to be illuminated when the control knob is set to "auto"? I have my original owner's manual and a few shop manuals but I seem to keep missing any verbiage on the subject that might be explained in the text.

Can you help?

Thank you for any suggestions. Also, my thanks to Chris for all his help in the past too. By chance, has Lincoln Land received any new "baseball" caps with the Lincoln Logo on them? Chris had sent me one once before but the cap was shaped more like a "John Deere" cap rather than a traditional "baseball" cap that I would prefer (I'm embarrassed driving around with my Cadillac cap from the old days).



Greetings Bob,

Sorry to take so long for this reply. As you aluded to, the information in the manuals for this indicator light near the Headlamp sw. is unclear at best. This indicator light will come on only when the Autolamp is enabled AND if the Headlamps have actually been turned on Automatically by the Autolamp. This lets you know between early dusk and dawn that the Autolamp is doing its job for you.

As for the hats, Chris advises that we do not at this date have any of the ones that you would like. Keep in touch and check with us at a later date. In this business we have "surprise arrivals" all the time. In the meantime, enjoy that nice 97 Town Car.



May 5, 2009

1979 Collector's Series Headlamp Doors & Garage Door Opener

Hi Bill,

I've just purchased a 79 Collector's Series and have a couple questions. The headlamp doors open fine when I turn on the lights manually, but when I set it to auto, the doors don't open, however the parking lights do come on. Is there an easy fix?
The second is to see if I can reprogram the garage door opener button on the drivers sun visor myself, or do I need to take it in? I appreciate you information and help.

The car has 56K miles, great interior and exterior and I want to get everything back into great working order. Thanks again.

John in Los Angeles

Hello John

The Autolamp feature on your car is a great option and I think that most Lincolns had them starting in the mid seventies. When they fail however it is difficult to find someone who has the knowledge to quickly repair them. The problem is to be able to diagnose the problem Correctly and Accurately. This is why the Shop Manual is a must to have near by in order to find the location of and perform the necessary tests on the key components. Having said that, the following are my thoughts on what may be faulty with your Autolamp system based on my experience with my cars and the cars at Lincoln Land. I assume first that you have tested all fuses with a test lamp and that the system is receiving power. You state that the headlamp covers only open when you operate the headlight switch manualy and that they do not open when the Autolamp turns on the lights. You do not tell us however if the headlamps operate correctly with the Autolamp on so there are two possibilities. If the headlights DO operate and it is only the covers that do not open when the Autolamp is On then I believe that the Vacuum Solenoid module is at fault. It receives a power signal from an Amplifier to open the h/l covers and at the same instant the h/lamps are also turned on. If the h/l covers and the H/lamps both do not function with the Autolamp is ON then I believe that the Amplifier could be the problem. Of course any electrical contact or plug in the circuit is also a possibility but most faults are inside one of the components. Please contact us further if we can help you locate any parts or manuals from our warehouse that you may require.

The remote GDO is an item that we do not receive too many inquiries about. I understand from Chris here at Lincoln Land that the customers that had this feature factory ordered in those years received an Accessory Package from Ford and that the dealer would "prepare and set up the system" at the time of delivery. I am assuming that it also was a Dealer Care item at the time and that now 30 years later,any of this knowledge is no longer available. In any case my suggestion to you is to contact the maker of your GDO. If you are persistent the correct person from that Company may be able to advise you. My fear is that the technology in your 1979 Lincoln may not be at all compatible with the modern GDO technology but who knows,it is worth a try. Sorry to be so wordy here in these replies, but I wanted to try to cover all the "bases". If you can get some type of confirmation - we do have an New Old Stock Garage Door control package available for $150. I wish you the best of luck.