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65 Power Window Issues

Hi Bill-

I have a great 65 Lincoln. Currently only drivers wing window
works and rear driver side window. I have a parts car with a functioning
master switch I installed still the same two windows working. Any ideas?


-Matt in Oregon


Power windows can be real tricky and time consuming. If you are planning to do your own repairs you should have the appropriate manual for a 65 as well as at least a 12v test light. I would start by testing for power at the power window motor feed plugs of the non operating ones. This is why you need the wiring diagram in the manual. If you are not repairing the window operation yourself, your mechanic will be gratefull that you have a manual for him to use. At Lincoln Land we are able to test, rebuild or supply new switches for your 65 if you do require any. Those 65's by the way are real nice Lincolns. Keep us posted on your progress.