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CW's 73 problems

Dear Bill,

I am delighted to see your expertise and experience being integrated
into Lincoln Land! Congratulations!

I have a 73 Town Car with 27,000 miles on it in very fine condition. Two things; the "door ajar" light comes ON when the driver's door is closed properly, it goes off if the door IS ajar - bassackwards from what it should be - what do you suggest? Secondly, when the car is cold, the transmission shifts perfectly, when hot and under a load, it "shimmies" between 1st and 2nd, and also between 2nd and 3rd. I do not know when the last time the transmission was svc'd, if ever, and wonder if a fluid and filter change, maybe some conditioner might be of help.


Thanks and hope to see you in the late winter or early spring.

Romney, WV

Greetings CW

The switch for the door ajar light is actually located on each of the lock assemblies inside each of the doors. The switch inside of the door in question could have become loose or somehow broken and is grounding the circuit and therefore turning on the light at the wrong time. These switches are very simple copper straps that mount on to the locks in a certain position. The door trim panel and possibly the lock itself will have to be removed to properly see this operation and to replace or adjust this switch. As for the transmission, the fluid should be evaluated for condition. If you don"t know the history of the transmission servicing on the car, it is certainly a very good idea to service it as follows. Check the vacuum line to the trans. and repair if necessary. Drain all of the oil in the converter and the pan and check the pan for debris. Replace the filter if applicable and replace the shift modulator ( it is probably old ). If the fluid was in poor shape, the cooler and lines must be flushed. If the trans. still does not shift properly it will probably need resealing. If you are not doing this work yourself be sure to find a shop that you can trust. We look forward to your visit to Lincolnland.