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January 23, 2009

Hard Start Several Days

Hi Bill,

I have a 1970 Lincoln Mark III and am having a drivability issue. If the car sits for more than one week without being started, you have to pump the gas about 10-20 times to get fuel into the carb. Once started, the motor runs horribly with very poor throtle response even when up to operating temperature. Howerver if you shut it off after warmup and let the car sit for 10-15 minutes, the car runs and drives great. I checked for vacuum leaks and could not find any. Any advice you have will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Patrick


Hi Patrick

Before going any further on the hard starting I am assuming that the engine is properly tuned up in respect to plugs, high tension wiring, points and condenser and all of the correct adjustments to the above are in order. As well as proper ignition, the battery must be the correct size and fully charged and the starter must be in good order.Of course your fuel filter should be checked or replaced if that hasn't been done so in a while. If the above is in good order then you need to inspect your choke operation. Ideally the choke must be closed completely when the engine is cold and cranking. When the engine starts, the choke will open slightly as specified and then continue on to open completely as the engine warms up. An engine with poor choke operation will never start and idle properly when cold. All of these operations and specifications can be seen and explained in the available maintenance manual. I hope this helps you. Let us know if you need further assistance or any manuals.

Good luck


January 20, 2009

Mark III H/L Cover Question

Hello, just wanted to say that I appreitiate your blog. It help me to maintain my newly aquired 1969 Mark III. My first question about the headlight covers, open slowly after the car has been shut off. I do know that there are "check valves" that help in keeping them closed, but can those check valves still be bought ? or is there something else I'm missing ?




Problems with vacuum headlamp covers opening too quickly when the engine is turned off is very common. The check valves are a common problem but are no longer available from Ford. At the moment we are supplying only good used ones from our parts cars. We are however pursuing a source for new ones and we hope to have a product available sometime in the near future. These valves are not the only common failures for these systems. Look also for leaks anywhere that the vacuum lines are routed to such as H/L door vacuum motors, H/L switch, vacuum reservoir and any of the vacuum hoses. A service manual is an excellent tool for you to use in diagnosing any vacuum or electrical concerns. Just as a side note of interest is that when these cars were new Ford advised us that it was normal and acceptable for the doors to remain closed for 24 hours. With patience though longer periods are achievable. If we can further assist you with any of these parts or manuals at any time please call Chris directly and mention your post on our blog.



January 13, 2009

CW's 73 problems

Dear Bill,

I am delighted to see your expertise and experience being integrated
into Lincoln Land! Congratulations!

I have a 73 Town Car with 27,000 miles on it in very fine condition. Two things; the "door ajar" light comes ON when the driver's door is closed properly, it goes off if the door IS ajar - bassackwards from what it should be - what do you suggest? Secondly, when the car is cold, the transmission shifts perfectly, when hot and under a load, it "shimmies" between 1st and 2nd, and also between 2nd and 3rd. I do not know when the last time the transmission was svc'd, if ever, and wonder if a fluid and filter change, maybe some conditioner might be of help.


Thanks and hope to see you in the late winter or early spring.

Romney, WV

Greetings CW

The switch for the door ajar light is actually located on each of the lock assemblies inside each of the doors. The switch inside of the door in question could have become loose or somehow broken and is grounding the circuit and therefore turning on the light at the wrong time. These switches are very simple copper straps that mount on to the locks in a certain position. The door trim panel and possibly the lock itself will have to be removed to properly see this operation and to replace or adjust this switch. As for the transmission, the fluid should be evaluated for condition. If you don"t know the history of the transmission servicing on the car, it is certainly a very good idea to service it as follows. Check the vacuum line to the trans. and repair if necessary. Drain all of the oil in the converter and the pan and check the pan for debris. Replace the filter if applicable and replace the shift modulator ( it is probably old ). If the fluid was in poor shape, the cooler and lines must be flushed. If the trans. still does not shift properly it will probably need resealing. If you are not doing this work yourself be sure to find a shop that you can trust. We look forward to your visit to Lincolnland.


January 5, 2009

430 Block thermostats

We got an interesting inquiry about the "Little Thermostats" in the block of one our Customer's 1961 Continental....


When changing the water pump on 1961 430 engine, the 2 "little thermostats" behind it need to be changed. Have heard it is best to eliminate them, is that correct?



Thanks for the inquiry. At Lincolnland we believe in eliminating these thermostats for two reasons. They are known to cause overheating in modern day slow traffic on the hotter days. They are no longer available "new "and any available used may be of questionable condition to perform as designed. However the deverters in the block must be in excellent condition or new and installed correctly.