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December 11, 2008

Maintaining your Lincolns

The best way to maintain Lincolns and other collectable and luxury cars is to repair problems as soon as possible after these problems develop. When you disregard certain non functioning items such as for example... Left rear window, w/s washers, horn or power seat etc.etc.you soon accumulate a long list of frustrating and expensive problems. When you E-mail us with a single problem at a time,it is much easier for you to deal with. Also remember that when you are up to date with your concerns and problems on your Lincolns,you and your car are always ready to go and ready to show.

December 1, 2008

Power window care

Because of the nature of power window mechanisms, store your Lincolns and others with the power windows dropped approx. 1/16" to unload the gears etc. This will help prevent vital plastic and rubber parts from deteriorating and failing due to being under stress in the full upstop position during periods of non use.